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Pixie Sticks
The new Illustration Gallery is now up on the Grimstone blog, already featuring several past works of Kendall R. Hart, and soon to feature more.

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Grimstone Studios is the in press again!

I’m not sure what Kendall Hart is doing to bribe these reporters, but I don’t care as long as he keeps on doing it:

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Kendall Hart and Grimstone Studios Featured in 573 Magazine

Grimstone’s infamous founder accrues yet more notoriety as he is interviewed by 573 magazine.  The story on him, his work, what Grimstone Studios is all about, and where it’s headed now, all starts on page 66:

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Vorto the Torso


Here is the nearly complete Vorto as featured in The Alton Telegraph’s story on Shane Moore’s latest horror novel, “The Apocalypse of Enoch II: Scourge”


Now Vorto is comfortable in his skin…now that he has some. Plus genuine human hair styled by the talented Rae Waterfield.

DSC_3414And Vorto enjoying his undead-self at the book launch at Project Comic Con in St. Louis! Now he sports his namesake shirt, “Vorto the Pirate” by Martin Pope. Look it up and join in the space adventures! Vorto even got snugged by April Simpson of FOX 2 news!

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A Tasty Grimstone Treat, featuring the work of Burn353

These creamy, skulltacular delights were commissioned by artist Burn353, based on
his I-Scream-Cone design (which can be seen on his site if you clicky right here).
We’ve sculpted this fella into the third dimension, then molded it in silicon and cast in polyester resin.  Eat it up.

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The Complete Wolfman

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Here, collected for your viewing horror, is a selection of images of our favorite furry fiend:

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Vorto Begins!

WIP of a life-size torso zombie for a book tour. This new horror is a character from Shane Moore’s upcoming horror novel “The Apocalypse of Enoch 3: Desolation” from New Babel Books. Vorto will debut at Project Comic Con in St. Louis next month! Come say hi!

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Kobold Kompleted!

This little beastie features a removable spear point, genuine rabbit fur cloak, faux fur loincloth, genuine iron pyrite necklace and genuine snail-shell jewelry. Two furious feet tall. My personal collection.

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Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster

“Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay
To mould me Man, did I solicit thee
From darkness to promote me?”

Frankenstein himself, with his creation in progress.

Above we have myself seated before a 90% complete Mr. Karloff to show scale. (I like how the monster seems to be smiling upon me and not at all awaiting the chance to hurl my broken body from atop a fiery tower). In my hands are his hands. The body would eventually become 1-piece with a removable head.

Here the head is nearly fully sculpted into a much angrier countenance, just missing a few forehead staples. The large padlock on the right was also hand-sculpted.

Fully sculpted, painted and installed at his new home in The Darkness’ Monster Museum in St. Louis, MO.

Well, I hear my next creature rattling its chains in the lab…until next time, monster fans.

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Stage 1: The Stage

Depicted here is the framework of the stage and throne Frankenstein’s Monster was momentarily held captive on. Watch “The Bride of Frankenstein”, he serves like a 1-second jail sentence before shrugging off his chains! (The little demon-dog invading the shot is called “Maddie” and her eyes glow not from the reflected flash of my camera but actual hellfire.)

The base measures 6 feet in width by 4.5 feet in depth. The overall height will be right at 6 feet. Karloff stood about 6′ 4″ in the 4-inch heels and headpiece so I think he’ll fit snugly into the chair. I had to extrapolate the measurements from movie stills, no easy task!  And although this piece is intended as pure sculpture I have to assume that while being displayed the more adventurous visitors will certainly attempt to sit on his lap for a memorable photograph or vandalism. So I have constructed the stage in two pieces with a reinforced front section should anyone walk on it. The throne is likewise designed to support up to a 300 pound horror fan. Frankenstein’s Monster will likely not be attached permanently to the seat as these life-size sculptures have to be a bit of a giant model kit for transport. Next up I’ll wrangle some steel pipes into a skeleton…or I could grave-rob and glue real ones together. Just kidding. Not really.

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