A Growing Darkness

The life-size Wolfman statue is rapidly approaching collision with the state of completion, and he’s showing no sign of deceleration.  Here he stands, bereft of his attire and some fur, but almost fully sculpted (lacking only a scant few facial refinements) and sporting this season’s (and every season’s) hottest color.

Rearing wolfman statue, nearing completion.

Life-size Wolfman statue, nearing completion.

We’ve applied a base coat of black paint to every part of his body, save forearms and neck which will be getting fur.  Also, the mad scientists at Grimstone Studios have made the base look like it’s coated in moist soil with a concoction they cooked up this morning that we refer to as “Grimstone’s Death Paste.”

What’s next?  Pragmatic pigmentation and furious furring…then we’ll probably put his clothes back on.  Probably.



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