From Horrible, to Adorable

Here are a couple more photos from our shoot with Brent Chumley, including a surprise guest who really stole the show:

No witty comments for little Red there; just pure cute.  I think she staged that shot herself too…there was really no arguing with a 5 year-old art director.  And now, a neccesary photo of a couple of far less animated individuals; the sweaty and tired sculptors themselves:

This photo was taken about five seconds before the hobbit on the right collapsed from exhaustion.  Lastly, to cleanse your visual palette of those unwashed creative-types, one more photo of the man…er…wolf of the hour:

Coming up next: photos of the finalized Wolfman, with his vest and crimson evidence of a recent series of assaults, installed in his not-so-humble new abode at the Monster Museum.



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