Post of ‘Epoch’ Proportions

After a day-long odyssey, featuring frantic touch-ups, building a Wolfman-sized vest, coating him with evidence of a fresh kill, a two-hour drive with no air conditioning, and four stops on the highway to curtail the attempted escape of the tarp protecting the sculpture, we arrived at the Wolfman’s new home; The Monster Museum at The Darkness in Saint Louis, MO.

But, no epoch would end that easily…you see, the Wolfman’s base, with bolted on legs and hips, was built 3′,2″ wide 5′,2″ long and 5′ tall…and the TWO doors it needed to travel through were only 2′,10″ wide.  Somehow, between Halloween Production’s Larry Kirchner, Kendall, and myself, we managed the physically improbable task of squeezing this 150 pound furry peg, through those too-small rectangular holes with only a few minor scratches to the massive sculpture’s base. Did I mention though, that between those two doors was a stairwell? Trust me, you’ve never lived until you’ve seen the lower half of a werewolf do a rail-grind up two flights on a board made of 2″x4″s, fake mud, and moss.

Finally, we brought up his severed torso and limbs, and that shaggy mug we’ve come to love so much, and assembled him:

The Wolfman is now in good company (well, mostly pure evil and viciously murderous company) in the Monster Museum where you can see him this fall.  More photos on the way soon, with some close-ups of the finished beast’s details!



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