Inches From Death

Here are some close-ups of Grimstone’s latest monstrous creation…but not too close; those claws are seriously sharp.

Thus ends the creation tale of the 7′ Wolfman.  His story now continues in the museum, and in the hearts, minds, and “me and the Wolfman” photographs of those who visit him there.  Along the way we have learned many lessons, among them:
- Fiberglass resin claws can, and will, pierce skin in insatiable thirst for their creator’s blood
- You should never build any single piece wider than 2’10″, or over 100 lbs
- 5 year-olds are always right
- Wolfman hair gets EVERYWHERE
- And, most importantly, we learned where werewolves come from (You know, when an artist’s imagination and a hardware store really love each other…and so on…then three months later there’s a 7′ hairy baby with razor-sharp claws and fangs.)

So what’s next for Grimstone studios?  There’s talent, skill, and perseverance to spare here, and nigh-infinite possibilities for the future.  There are new projects on the horizon, and we’ll let you know about each one as soon as they make that crucial transition from ethereal words to physical actions.



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