It’s Gettin’ Dark In Here

Howdy fellow Monsterphiles! And now to continue documenting the progress of our latest monster project: I’ve sawed off the head to better reposition it and for ease of access while sculpting. I can now be seated to work on its dome instead of balancing on a ladder. Headless, this beast is still 6 feet 3 inches from base to neck-stump! It contemptuously poses on a base that is 2 feet by 4 feet so it will fit through any door during installation. In the full body shot you can see the tools of my trade for carving the foam, a long bread knife, a steak knife and a pocket planer.

Might, just might be building a life-size Piasa Bird next! No kidding! I will certainly sculpt one before I depart your miserable mudball of a planet. Yet as I look over these photos I can see some things need to be addressed on this current creature so back to monster-making!

Here are this week’s progress shots.



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