Stage 1: The Stage

Depicted here is the framework of the stage and throne Frankenstein’s Monster was momentarily held captive on. Watch “The Bride of Frankenstein”, he serves like a 1-second jail sentence before shrugging off his chains! (The little demon-dog invading the shot is called “Maddie” and her eyes glow not from the reflected flash of my camera but actual hellfire.)

The base measures 6 feet in width by 4.5 feet in depth. The overall height will be right at 6 feet. Karloff stood about 6′ 4″ in the 4-inch heels and headpiece so I think he’ll fit snugly into the chair. I had to extrapolate the measurements from movie stills, no easy task!  And although this piece is intended as pure sculpture I have to assume that while being displayed the more adventurous visitors will certainly attempt to sit on his lap for a memorable photograph or vandalism. So I have constructed the stage in two pieces with a reinforced front section should anyone walk on it. The throne is likewise designed to support up to a 300 pound horror fan. Frankenstein’s Monster will likely not be attached permanently to the seat as these life-size sculptures have to be a bit of a giant model kit for transport. Next up I’ll wrangle some steel pipes into a skeleton…or I could grave-rob and glue real ones together. Just kidding. Not really.



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