Board Yet?

Pictured below is perhaps the greatest horror actor of all time.

Give up? It’s Boris Karloff. See? Alright, he is still in the carpentry phase of construction. But when finished these materials will accurately depict, on a life-size scale, this iconic scene from 1935′s Bride of Frankenstein:

See if it don’t.

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Photo Gallery…of Darkness

This gallery contains 26 photos.

The completed Lord of Darkness sculpture, by Grimstone Studios. Let your eyes engorge themselves on this smorgasbord of visual sustenance:

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Complete and Total Darkness

Now holding court in St Louis’ The Darkness haunted attraction is a legend of film…The Lord of Darkness! A tall bloke, he stands 7′ 4″ without the horns yet weighs under 140lbs when assembled. His horns, staffhead and right arm are detachable for transport. A new studio record was achieved during this build: It took us less than 2 months to summon this guy into our realm. You and your fellow mortal morsels can meet this infernal fellow in the Monster Museum this Halloween season!

It is time to relax a few days before continuing on our various art quests. While the clay flies and the paint dries, deposit these into your eye holes:


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Head Shot!

A quick shot of the unpainted head before being attached to the body.

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Working at the Speed of Dark

Progress shots. Now back to work. Halloween soon.

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It’s Gettin’ Dark In Here

Howdy fellow Monsterphiles! And now to continue documenting the progress of our latest monster project: I’ve sawed off the head to better reposition it and for ease of access while sculpting. I can now be seated to work on its dome instead of balancing on a ladder. Headless, this beast is still 6 feet 3 inches from base to neck-stump! It contemptuously poses on a base that is 2 feet by 4 feet so it will fit through any door during installation. In the full body shot you can see the tools of my trade for carving the foam, a long bread knife, a steak knife and a pocket planer.

Might, just might be building a life-size Piasa Bird next! No kidding! I will certainly sculpt one before I depart your miserable mudball of a planet. Yet as I look over these photos I can see some things need to be addressed on this current creature so back to monster-making!

Here are this week’s progress shots.

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Another fine mesh…

Here we have our current creature well underway. The EMT conduit framed has been hand-bent into shape and the wireform stage is complete. Aluminum mesh has been hot-glued over the entire volume and the foam coating begun. For scale reference I’ve included in the photo my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Tanner. He stands a commanding and proud 17 inches tall (at the crown). A better measure is the 5″ 8″ ladder (a typical 6′ size) used to reach the horns (tucked into the floor joists, see?). This regal monster will be over 7′ tall. We’re working our way up to the life-size Godzilla sculpture Japan will someday commission us to build!

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A Darkness Grows…

A couple close friends of the Studio Grimstone know what this armature is for but I ain’t gonna tell ya. Just yet. Go on, fire off a guess. No, it is not a life-size King Chicken but the voice is the same! The photo below was taken at our new Missouri studio location! We now have ‘monster labs’ in Illinois and Missouri. Stay tuned as we progress along and summon yet another terror into your pathetic world, mortals.

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Inches From Death

Here are some close-ups of Grimstone’s latest monstrous creation…but not too close; those claws are seriously sharp.

Thus ends the creation tale of the 7′ Wolfman.  His story now continues in the museum, and in the hearts, minds, and “me and the Wolfman” photographs of those who visit him there.  Along the way we have learned many lessons, among them:
- Fiberglass resin claws can, and will, pierce skin in insatiable thirst for their creator’s blood
- You should never build any single piece wider than 2’10″, or over 100 lbs
- 5 year-olds are always right
- Wolfman hair gets EVERYWHERE
- And, most importantly, we learned where werewolves come from (You know, when an artist’s imagination and a hardware store really love each other…and so on…then three months later there’s a 7′ hairy baby with razor-sharp claws and fangs.)

So what’s next for Grimstone studios?  There’s talent, skill, and perseverance to spare here, and nigh-infinite possibilities for the future.  There are new projects on the horizon, and we’ll let you know about each one as soon as they make that crucial transition from ethereal words to physical actions.

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Post of ‘Epoch’ Proportions

After a day-long odyssey, featuring frantic touch-ups, building a Wolfman-sized vest, coating him with evidence of a fresh kill, a two-hour drive with no air conditioning, and four stops on the highway to curtail the attempted escape of the tarp protecting the sculpture, we arrived at the Wolfman’s new home; The Monster Museum at The Darkness in Saint Louis, MO.

But, no epoch would end that easily…you see, the Wolfman’s base, with bolted on legs and hips, was built 3′,2″ wide 5′,2″ long and 5′ tall…and the TWO doors it needed to travel through were only 2′,10″ wide.  Somehow, between Halloween Production’s Larry Kirchner, Kendall, and myself, we managed the physically improbable task of squeezing this 150 pound furry peg, through those too-small rectangular holes with only a few minor scratches to the massive sculpture’s base. Did I mention though, that between those two doors was a stairwell? Trust me, you’ve never lived until you’ve seen the lower half of a werewolf do a rail-grind up two flights on a board made of 2″x4″s, fake mud, and moss.

Finally, we brought up his severed torso and limbs, and that shaggy mug we’ve come to love so much, and assembled him:

The Wolfman is now in good company (well, mostly pure evil and viciously murderous company) in the Monster Museum where you can see him this fall.  More photos on the way soon, with some close-ups of the finished beast’s details!

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