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Custom Sculpture

Any subject
We’ve sculpted everything from sneering demon lords to custom My Little Pony toys so, seriously, anything goes.

Any size (within reason)
We specialize in life-size showpieces, suitable for garnering attention in displays at museums, trade shows, conventions, etc.  Grimstone founder Kendall R. Hart has even worked on life-sized dinosaurs.  But, we will just as gladly work on tabletop miniatures, urban vinyl figurines, action figures, paperweights, etc.

Any Budget
If you have a limited budget for a project, just let us know up front and we’ll gladly work with you to find the solution that fits it best.  Larger and more detailed works can require expensive materials and methods for the best quality results, but we’ll always be honest and direct about costs in our quotes, and we have experience with a wide range of sculpting materials.

Cast Resin Copies

Copies of Your Custom Sculpture
We can create resin copies of your sculpture in any conceivable quantity you desire.  After creating your sculpture, there is a one-time cost for mold-making based on the size of the original sculpture, and the cost of each copy is based on its volume and the number of copies you’d like.

Copies of a Grimstone Studios Owned Creation
For a quick, inexpensive, showpiece, we can offer cast resin copies of some of some of our creations at prices far lower than creating a new custom sculpture.  Just ask for a quote on any particular sculpture!  Coming in 2014, Grimstone will start featuring a special line of life-sized sculptures designed for this purpose.


Grimstone’s illustrious founder is, himself, an illustrator extraordinaire, well versed both traditional and digital media, and Grimstone also has access to several other illustrators associated with our studio, each with their own unique style.  Between them, Grimstone’s artists have illustrated children’s books, magazine covers, comics, murals, book covers, and numerous digital prints & pieces of framed art.  Whatever your need, we can easily choose an artist whose style will best suit your project and put them to the task.

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